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can I control 3 USB port same time

By Burak Özyiğit @Burak
    2022-03-20 20:40:35.021Z

    I have special windows computer control 1 keyboard and 1 mouse and dedicated USB port (for industrial Joystick).
    So my computer has 3 usb port for keyboard mouse and joystick. TinyPilot can control keyboard and mouse but I wanna also control remotely my joystick as well connected to my computer.

    My computer controls special hardware. My joystick is controlling servo motors on special hardware/equipment at location.
    So I wanna control remotely (over IP) my computer keyboard and mouse and USB industrial joystick same time. I need to connect tinypilot to dedicated USB port in order to control remote Joystick and computer Joystick same time in order to control servo motors remotely from different location.

    Can TinyPilot provide me to connect remotely Keyboard/mouse and Joystick same time?

    Thanks for your help in advance


    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-03-21 19:23:43.827Z

        Hello Burak - Unfortunately this is not possible. TinyPilot only supports keyboard and mouse input at the moment.