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HDMI issues after 2.6.0 re-flash

By Brian @ITMHelps
    2023-08-21 13:36:24.199Zassigned to
    • @david

    Hi, I just upgraded to 2.6.0 and now I'm having video issues that I wasn't before. It was working like 2 versions back (2.5.0?) and I had some issues going to the next level (2.5.5) so I went ahead and moved to 2.6.0 by doing a new 2.6.0 flash. Now the video is unusable. I switch HDMI cables and that worked for a minute but was having some Keyboard/mouse issues. So PoE rebooted it and after the next Tinypilot reboot, the video went back to messed up on the new cable. This is connected to an 8 port HDMI/USB switcher it was working OK before the upgrades. I may just need to go back to 2.5 or whatever to test but I just don't have a ton of time to test.

    Here's my logs:

    Here's what it looks like currently:

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    1. I
      Brian @ITMHelps
        2023-08-21 13:57:13.480Z

        Just to add to this, I just now went and reset everything involved, lost keyboard and mouse again but video is back. It's probably all related to the 8 port KVM that this is attached to but it did work prior to the updates.

        Here's logs from the clean reboot:

        1. David @david2023-08-22 11:17:39.703Z

          Hi @ITMHelps, I'm sorry you're running into these USB issues after updating to 2.6.0.

          Thanks for sending over those logs. Your first log confirms that your TinyPilot wasn't receiving a display signal, while the second confirms that it is receiving a display signal - so that's good news. Both logs also suggest your TinyPilot cannot forward the mouse and keyboard commands - but there's no indication of what the issue may be in the logs.

          As far as I know, there weren't any changes to TinyPilot's mouse and keyboard functionality across those updates.

          I've noticed that some USB ports on KVM switches only support specific devices. i.e., and mouse and/or keyboard or a USB hub. TinyPilot acts as a USB hub, so often KVM switches don't work with TinyPilot in mouse/keyboard specific USB ports. Is your TinyPilot's USB 'data' cable connected to the same USB port on the KVM as it was before?

          Are you able to test your TinyPilot's functionality without the KVM to confirm whether your TinyPilot is working as expected?