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Full screen mode across dual Monitors

By George M @sniperman23
    2022-02-17 20:45:57.696Z

    Is it possible to go into full screen mode across two monitors?

    I'm not looking to capture dual monitors on the TinyPilot, but instead a single monitor across dual monitors from the control machine.

    I'm able to drag chrome across multiple screens, but the full screen mode would be handy. Even if it costs me some resolution quality.

    The fullscreen mode only expands to a single monitor. Is there any workaround to enlarge the screen to both screens? I'd even be okay with keeping the browser view but getting the screen image expand into the browser completely. Is this simply not possible because TinyPilot is only capturing from one monitor?


    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Unfortunately, Chrome can only perform display in fullscreen on a single monitor.

      There's apparently an extension that claims to enable dual-screen fullscreen, but I have no experience with it.

      But even if you can get Chrome to stretch over two monitors, TinyPilot can only capture at a maximum of 1920x1080, so it wouldn't make effective use of the screen space from two monitors.