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Mouse recenters / jumps to center every 10 to 20 minutes

By @Alt0
    2022-02-05 20:44:03.672Z2022-02-05 20:56:12.878Z

    When using a slave / controlled PC directly (physically) and when TinyPilot stays plugged into that same PC, ever since the latest update, the mouse will jump back to then dead center of the screen every 10 to 20 minutes. This is SUPER frustrating. I’ve confirmed it occurs even when no “viewers” / controllers are connected, and even after a fresh power cycle. I’m not sure if the frequency is random or if an exact timer, but it’s continuously happens, both when using the PC physically, but also have noticed when controlling it remotely.

    This did not happen in the last current version.

    Have you all noticed this?
    Can this be fixed temporarily, or would it require another update?

    Repro: You should be able to reproduce it even “unattended”. Connect a monitor (if headless) and a mouse to the PC with tinypilot plugged in over USB. Place the physical mouse cursor somewhere other than center on the slave PC. Take a break for 15min or make some tea, and come back. It will be exactly centered. (This happens while working on the slave PC and has been driving me mad thinking it was something on my end). TinyPilot is doing something new which is refreshing the USB input every so often and centering things :-(

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    1. @fft2022-02-06 14:48:09.023Z

      HI. I just tried it, and the mouse did not move. My setup: TinyPilot (pro) newest Version "slave" was a macbook. The mouse was set to the upper left area and stayed there even after 25 minutes.

      1. A@Alt0
          2022-02-07 05:35:18.680Z

          Hmm, strange... maybe I need to test on other PCs and see

        • In reply toAlt0:

          Thanks for reporting this.

          I can't think of anything that would cause this. We haven't changed much related to mouse behavior since the 2.3.1 release in November. There's nothing in TinyPilot that tries to re-center the mouse or send mouse movement to the target computer when the user didn't move the mouse in the browser.

          1. A@Alt0
              2022-02-09 18:12:12.713Z

              Really strange OK. It may just be the target computer I’m user, but thought it was happening elsewhere. Let me investigate more and I’ll post back if it keeps happening