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TinyPilot Voyager 1 sleep after no HDMI input

By PilotFan100 @PilotFan100
    2022-02-16 23:42:26.451Z

    Bought 2 TinyPilot Voyager 1 devices
    Both on current version 2.3.2 with recent full re-image fresh OS
    After running without HDMI signal input, device falls asleep and doesn't wake again. Required hard power reboot.

    Does RasberryPi O/S have a sleep setting? How can I increase?

    Only current solution is (1) manual replace power or (2) power outlet WIFI control to accomplish same. Appreciate the help.

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    1. Is the issue that the target computer goes into suspend mode and doesn't wake up if you begin typing through the TinyPilot? Or are you talking about the TinyPilot device itself going into suspend mode?

      If it's the target computer going to sleep, does the motherboard support Wake on LAN? If so, you should be able to use TinyPilot WoL feature to wake it up. Otherwise, is it possible to adjust the power settings for the target machine so that it doesn't suspend power after inactivity?