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32 servers and 1 TinyPilot

By @alex123
    2021-07-03 13:19:56.330Z

    Can 32 servers be connected to 1 TinyPilot? For example via 4

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    1. Thanks for reaching out!

      I don't think 32 would be possible. Users have found TinyPilot-compatible KVM switches that work for up to 8 severs, however:

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      1. Ddragon788 @dragon788
          2021-10-12 16:35:46.633Z

          The TESmart KVMs come in up to 16x port sizes, so with two of those and maybe using a cheap/simple 2 port HDMI KVM switch with an IR remote or serial connection you could view 32 nodes from one TinyPilot and switch the keyboard/mouse between the larger KVMs using the simple one. I've actually been meaning to test whether an HDMI switcher (no keyboard/mouse) daisy chained from an HDMI KVM would allow me to "monitor" certain devices by using an HDMI splitter to let the device display to a TV and the switcher, and since I don't need to send keystrokes to those devices not having the TinyPilot plugged into that switcher would be fine.

          1. Oh, that's a good point. I didn't realize that TESMart KVMs went up to x16, but I found the one you're talking about:


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          In reply toalex123:
          dragon788 @dragon788
            2021-10-12 16:40:04.192Z

            Those devices don't support stacking, so you would need ANOTHER 4 port KVM to switch between the 4x 8 port KVMs.

            A quicker option (though with much crappier video) if you are managing actual "servers" where you don't need high fidelity, is to plug the TinyPilot into a refurbished "enterprise" IP KVM and use the TinyPilot as the "local console" option (instead of plugging in a keyboard/mouse/monitor to the KVM), and with the advantage of being able to avoid putting the IP KVM on your network (though some support HTML5, you'll find that is rare), since often they have old unsupported SSL/TLS versions and deprecated SSH protocols that aren't really safe to expose to the internet.

            1. Ddragon788 @dragon788
                2021-10-12 17:45:32.217Z

                It appears a crazy person (genius? it is a fine line...) has set up a chaining solution for a different software, but this really seems like a painful way to manage many devices.