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The target computer does not have a usb port

By james ch @james360
    2021-07-07 15:09:52.621Z

    The target computer does not have a usb port , There is no way to use Tinypilot
    Is there any solution?

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    1. Unfortunately, there's no solution in this case. TinyPilot needs the target computer to have a USB input port.

      What sort of computer is this?

      1. Jjames ch @james360
          2021-07-07 15:46:35.646Z

          HP Digital AlphaStation 255

          1. In reply tomichael:
            Ddragon788 @dragon788
              2021-10-12 15:49:37.037Z

              I highly doubt any adapters from USB to PS/2 for these older computers would be compatible with the composite device. It might be possible to create such an adapter with TMK/QMK or more likely using a microcontroller directly.

              I thought this was an interesting problem so I did a bit of research.

              Pricey option that may work, but no guarantees, you'd definitely want the TinyPilot power/data splitter because odds are it doesn't expect very much current draw by the keyboard.

              Someone else asked about the USB to PS/2 keyboard adapters, those only work with keyboards that have a built in controller that talks PS/2 or USB.

              See a more detailed explaination here:

              This guy has implemented the microcontroller route for converting USB to PS/2 with some caveats (no multimedia keys, which most PS/2 only devices probably didn't understand anyways).

              1. Thanks for those pointers, @dragon788 !

                I wasn't aware of the Adder device. That could be useful for customers with a hard requirement on PS2.