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TinyPilot Voyager Not Booting Up Properly

By Quincy @RockVille98
    2021-07-25 04:47:58.304Z

    I recently purchased a TinyPilot Voyager and I followed the instructions properly from this website to set it up. However, I am only getting a red light upon connecting the TinyPilot Voyager to power and ethernet. I suspect the image is corrupted because I removed the power by accident upon the first initial setup. I would like to request a Tiny Pilot image for this.

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. You can factory reset it through these instructions:

      I've emailed you a link to the latest TinyPilot microSD image.

      1. F@frogboat
          2022-09-13 23:17:58.507Z

          Hello, I downloaded the image for my TinyPilot voyager 2, flashed the image, and insert the flashed card into my TinyPilot voyager 2, as per the instructions at the link you provided.

          The device boots up, but will not connect to my LAN (it did previously, but not after factory reset/flashing the microSD card). Could you please advise? Thanks!

          1. Diego @diego
              2022-09-15 04:57:08.405Z

              Hello @frogboat! Thank you for posting your inquiry here in our Forum. I'm sorry you are having this issue.

              • If, before flashing the microSD card, you were connecting the TinyPilot to your router via WIFI, I'm afraid you will need to configure WIFI again. The WIFI settings are lost upon factory reset. See our FAQ: How do I enable WiFi?.

              • If, on the other hand, you were connecting via ethernet cable and it is not connecting now after flashing the microSD card, then it would be wise to first verify that the ethernet cable is firmly seated into place in both ends (TinyPilot and router). Also if you could verify that there is network activity by looking at the ethernet port LEDs in the TinyPilot. Do you see a green LED blinking? Do you see any activity on the router's port?

              • It is also possible that the microSD card flashing did not finish OK, and so therefore your unit is not fully booting. Would it be too much hassle for you to run the factory reset process again? And if possible, on a new microSD card. If Balena Etcher doesn't work for you, there's another similar software called Rufus that I have tried in the past, without issues.