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TinyPilot Pro questions

By @silvatech
    2021-08-03 07:18:31.736Z

    First off great concept =) and amazing all things we can do with Pis.

    What is the planned yearly price to keep updates after buying the license?

    Is the pro setup to configure for remote IP connection? I know the std you can do it but have to add a dozen things so why I ask.

    Thanks and wish you and your family stay safe and healthy in these crazy times.


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    1. I can't make any guarantees about the price because it really depends on what's going on with the business in a year. I'd like for the price to be affordable to home users while also providing funds to pay developers to continue adding features.

      My rough plan (not a guarantee) is that Pro will continue to be $100/yr or less and renewals will be a 20-30% discount from the retail price.

      1. S
        In reply tosilvatech:
          2021-08-05 07:37:15.738Z

          thank you for answering my one of my questions, but you missed the other.
          Is the pro setup to configure for remote IP connection?



          1. Oh, you're right. Sorry about that!

            Yes, you can set up the pro version for remote access using third-party tools. I've listed the options here: