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Control via API

By @alex123
    2021-08-03 10:41:25.745Z

    Is it possible to connect servers via E-SDS 8 Port HDMI KVM Switch to TinyPilot and control them via API (e.g. reset)?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. I have received user reports that TinyPilot works well with the E-SDS 8-port KVM, but I haven't tested it personally.

      TinyPilot doesn't support the E-SDS API; I've never heard of one. Do you have a link to their API documentation?

      Or do you mean control it via the TinyPilot API? You could control it with the TinyPilot API, which is available with an Enterprise license.

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      1. A@alex123
          2021-08-04 17:01:56.703Z

          Thanks for the answer. How can I reboot a server via the TinyPilot API?

          1. TinyPilot doesn't have the ability to control the target computer's power. I don't believe the E-SDS KVM does either.

            You could reset the target computer via the API if you script the TinyPilot to send the keystrokes required to reboot a machine. For example, on a Windows system, you can use the API to script the keystroke sequence for Ctrl+Alt+Del, then send the correct number of Tab keystrokes to navigate to the power settings, and then Enter and then send ArrowDown to reach the "Reset" menu item and send the Enter keystroke to reset it.

            You can see a similar example in our recent blog post.