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Activate keyboard

By Jc Rouillier @Jcr
    2021-08-09 08:19:10.135Z


    first of all, thanks for the build :) I installed it on a PI rev B with power adapter 2A :(
    I have the screen, the icon "connected" but when I click on the keyboard nothing happens. Did I miss something ?

    Many thanks

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    1. Which version Pi did you install it on? TinyPilot requires a Pi 4B. It won't work on an older Pi.

      1. J
        In reply toJcr:
        Jc Rouillier @Jcr
          2021-08-12 09:46:36.976Z

          Thanks Michael for your prompt relpy.
          Iy says that all variants PI are able to work. I have a PI1 rev B.

          I was wondering if an Odroid C2 could work ?

          1. Iy says that all variants PI are able to work.

            What source says this?

            1. JJc Rouillier @Jcr
                2021-08-12 14:07:16.482Z
                1. Oh, there's been a misunderstanding. I think this is the line you're referring to:

                  Raspberry Pi 4 (all variants work)

                  I meant all variants of the Pi 4, so 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, etc.

                  There's a Github thread tracking attempts to install TinyPilot on alternate hardware:


                  1. JJc Rouillier @Jcr
                      2021-08-13 08:18:04.875Z

                      I got it, clearer. Do you think it will work on odroid C2 ?

                      1. It definitely won't work out of the box with ODroid C2, but the hardware technically supports it. You'd have to tinker with it to figure out how to get TinyPilot working on that board.

                        1. JJc Rouillier @Jcr
                            2021-08-16 12:34:24.259Z

                            ok thanks, I will try