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Higher resolution

By @Unique52523
    2021-08-31 14:36:57.636Z

    The TinyPilot Voyager looks really tempting, but I would like a higher resolution, maybe even DisplayPort input instead of HDMI.

    Is there any chance of you doing something like that?

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    1. It's possible we'll do that in the future, but it's unfortunately not something we're considering in the short term.

      TinyPilot is built on top of the Raspberry Pi, and there aren't many video capture chips that are compatible with the Pi. There's also a severe chip shortage at the moment, so any hardware changes are extremely risky.

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        In reply toUnique52523:
        Randy Chapman @wilbur4321
          2021-09-01 19:23:17.637Z

          Honestly -- as just an owner of the hobbyist kit -- this whole product exists, and at the price point it does, because of the availability of cheap 1080p30 hdmi capture cards. That these can work over usb2 is part of why they are so cheap -- above 1080p30 needs USB3, and there's much less demand. Higher resolution has even lower demand for components yet, and the hardware is considerably more complicated just in needing to use USB3. Until prices on those devices come down, there's just not really a hope for this IMO. Avermedia has one that can do 4k30 for $170 over usb 3.1, but to do 4k60 they need pci/e or thunderbolt at $450ish. That's PCIe x4, though, and I don't know that an RPi4 could even do that.