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No Signal since update to 2.5.5

By Guy Robertson @guybor2021-09-01 14:11:29.062Z

I have set my unit up with a KVM physical switch like the youtube video by DB Tech. It was working as expected. I just did the update to 2.5.5 and now I'm getting no signal from either video source (input 1 or 2 on the KVM) I have physically cold booted the tinypilot and also warm booted it via the web page. What should I try next?

Do you need a copy of the log output?


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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-09-01 20:44:38.980Z

    That's strange because nothing has changed related to video capture in a while. Can you share your logs?

    1. G
      In reply toguybor:
      Guy Robertson @guybor2021-09-01 21:29:34.154Z

      Just got back into the office....and guess's working.

      Here are my logs anyway so that maybe you can see what it way earlier today that was causing it to NOT work.

      Thank you
      Guy do i attach log files. I tried to copy and paste...but it gave me a "too many links" message". So I tried saving it as a text file, and that isn't allowed.

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-09-01 22:21:02.444Z

        The easiest way is if you click "Get Shareable URL," it will upload a copy of your log file to the TinyPilot log server and then you can just share the URL it generates for you.

        1. GGuy Robertson @guybor2021-09-02 13:02:43.597Z

          Came in this morning and initially it worked on input 1. I hit CTRL CTRL 2 to get to the next input and got "no signal". Now, I'm not getting a signal from any input. I even tried physically switching it and no change.

          More seems I'm not getting a signal from my input 2. This is a windows machine where i had to add an HDMI video card to it since all it had on board was a vga connector and KVM switch wasn't working with it. When I go to input 2, it seems to freeze the KVM unit and even trying to switch manually at it doesn't work. I have to power it on/off to get input going back to the TinyPilot.

          New Log.....

          Can you see what is causing this based on the logs?

          Thank you again

          1. GGuy Robertson @guybor2021-09-02 13:21:50.003Z

            I have ghosts in my server area. LOL

            It's all working again. I'm thinking it's cables coming loose or something.

            1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-09-02 18:23:23.897Z

              Thanks for following up!

              The logs show it failing to make a video connection before, so it could be loose wires, defective HDMI cables, a defective KVM, or a defective HDMI splitter.