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Way to split Keyboard and Mouse to 2 USB ports to connect to KVM

By kaiserxzero @kaiserxzero
    2021-09-10 18:00:08.418Z

    My KVM Switch usb ports only has separate ports for Keyboard and Mouse. Is there anyway to split or repeat the USB from the Pi so I can plug into Keyboard and Mouse? Just to note my Pi works in either Keyboard or Mouse plug it only controls either the Mouse or Keyboard depending on what its plugged into.

    Thank you for your time

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    1. No, unfortunately it's not possible to split the device emulation into two. The Pi is actually impersonating a USB hub with a keyboard and mouse plugged in to it, so it's not possible to decompose it back into components without additional hardware. I'm looking into hardware solutions for this, but it's not something I'll be able to produce in the short term.