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TinyPilot Voyager and KVM

By C M @chuckm
    2021-09-22 00:17:08.572Z

    I read on reddit and on this page ( that the AIMOS 4 port HDMI KVM would work with the TinyPilot.
    I purchased the one from Amazon using the wiki link (
    The device that arrived looks just like the photo and says AIMOS on top and on the bottom: model AM-KVM401.
    I didn't put a powered HDMI splitter as listed in the YouTube video. I first focused on the USB and tried with both HDMI connected and not connected to TinyPilot or KVM.
    -When I plug the USB from the data port of the TinyPilot directly to the target PC, both keyboard and mouse from TinyPilot web UI work.
    -When I plug the USB from the data port of the TinyPilot to the KMV "keyboard" USB port and KVM USB to the target PC, nothing works - no keyboard or mouse.
    -If I plug a real USB keyboard to the KMV "keyboard" USB port and KVM USB to the target PC, then keyboard work on target PC AND I can use hotkey to change KVM input.
    -When I plug the USB from the data port of the TinyPilot to the KMV "hub" USB port and KVM USB to the target PC. then TinyPilot Web UI keyboard and mouse are passed to target PC, BUT I cannot use the hotkey to change KVM input.
    I need a solution that allows me to change KVM input with hotkey via TinyPilot WebUI and pass keyboard (at least) from TinyPilot Web UI to Target PC.
    I'm guessing that the KVM doesn't like the USB signals from the TinyPilot on the KVM "keyboard" port because the TinyPilot is emulating a USB hub. Correct? Is there a way to make the TinyPilot just emulate a keyboard?

    Thank you.

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    1. C
      C M @chuckm
        2021-09-22 05:37:10.382Z

        I updated the Tiny pilot software. When using the TinyPilot browser Ui to send keyboard commands, with the TinyPilot connected to the "keyboard" USB port of the KVM, the browser UI shows the keyboard commands in red with hover text saying the command failed (HID failure?) - and the target PC doesn't detect any keyboard or mouse inputs.
        I tried changing USB cables between the TinyPilot and the KVM.
        Using the hub USB port on the KVM works (but I can't change KVM input), so I assume either the KVM is defective in some way or incompatible with Tiny Pilot in some way.

        1. In reply tochuckm:

          Hi Chuck,

          Thanks for reporting this!

          This seems to be the same issue that another user hit last month. It may be related to changes we made to the USB device emulation to enable virtual storage. I'll send you a link to a previous build that was in use at the time I tested AIMOS compatibility.

          I'm guessing that the KVM doesn't like the USB signals from the TinyPilot on the KVM "keyboard" port because the TinyPilot is emulating a USB hub. Correct? Is there a way to make the TinyPilot just emulate a keyboard?

          Unfortunately not. TinyPilot can currently only emulate a USB hub with different devices attached to it, but it can't emulate a direct device connection.

          1. Jess Jones @JessicaLee
              2021-11-02 05:19:10.009Z

              Can I get a copy of the old build too? I'm trying to use TinyPilot with a KVM and having keyboard issues.

              1. Sure! I've just emailed you a copy.

            • E
              In reply tochuckm:
              Eddie @edgoldbeck
                2021-10-08 19:43:45.083Z

                Hi Friends. I see on this page here where it talks about KVM compatibility that with an old version the AImos works. Do we know if there's plans for future builds to also support the TinyPilot to Traditional KVM? I assume we don't want to maintain two parallel versions, but for folks with a lot of machines having one tinypilot per device might not be feasible.

                1. CC M @chuckm
                    2021-10-08 23:38:44.481Z2021-10-11 18:59:39.456Z

                    Hi Eddie,
                    I updated the wiki ( I'm using a TesMart KVM with KVM switching via IP and it's working great for my needs. It also has EDID emulation, so the PCs don't see the display unplugged and replugged when the KVM switches inputs. I'm on the same network as the KVM switch, so it works for me.

                    1. In reply toedgoldbeck:
                      Michael Lynch @michael2021-10-11 18:54:59.481Z2021-10-11 19:05:27.873Z

                      I think adding virtual storage was what broke compatibility with the AIMOS KVMs. On the next release, we're planning to have an option to allow you to disable virtual storage, which I think will make it possible to use new versions of the TinyPilot Pro software with the AIMOS KVMs.

                      Edit: AIMOS, not TESMart

                      1. CC M @chuckm
                          2021-10-11 19:02:12.247Z

                          Michael, I think you mean virtual storage broke compatibility with the AIMOS KVM. The AIMOS can switch with a keyboard sequence, but the virtual storage supports prevents the AIMOS from detecting a keyboard from the TinyPilot on the "keyboard" KVM port. The TESMart KVM supports IP and RS232 switching, which are independent of the TinyPilot USB stack.

                          1. Oh, you're right. Fixed it, thanks!

                            1. In reply tochuckm:
                              JJintu @Jintu
                                2021-12-23 03:22:45.265Z

                                Heya CM, I am in the midst of setting up a TESMart KVM now. Do you mind explaining how you have configured it to switch ports? Are you using a copy of the IP software on each device? or did you get the hotkeys working? Currently its not switching when i use the virtual keyboard on the tinypilot.

                                1. CC M @chuckm
                                    2021-12-23 08:29:45.846Z

                                    I'm not using the hotkey switching with the TESMart. (I don't think hotkey switching will work unless you disable the virtual storage, which I haven't tried.) I'm using only IP/network switching - from either the windows application (running on a Windows PC) or the bash script (running on the TinyPilot Raspberry Pi or other linux PC). The software and script links can be found on this page: I'll call the computer that I'm logging into the TinyPilot web server from the "host PC". In my case, the "host PC", the TinyPilot, and the TESMart KVM are all on the same network. I installed the TESMart Windows app on my "host PC" and I can use it to change the TESMart KVM port. I also installed the TESMart KVM bash script on the TinyPilot Raspberry Pi. I can SSH into the Raspberry Pi and change the TESMark KVM port from SSH/bash using the script. If you connect to the TinyPilot from many different systems, I guess you could install the TESMart software on every PC the KVM connects to, but that doesn't seem ideal. All of my computers behind the KVM, that I view from the TinyPilot are for testing, so they could be hung at any time. So I don't rely on them for anything.

                                    1. JJintu @Jintu
                                        2021-12-23 09:18:27.082Z

                                        Thank you for your reply, its greatly appreciated. I have been doing the same (running the IP software on the PC im viewing it on. I wonder if we have anyway to make a bash script for each port and add it to the TinyPilot menu. I have tried disabling the virtual instructions as outlined on but the hotkey issue didnt resolve. Once again, thanks.

                                        1. CC M @chuckm
                                            2021-12-23 16:42:17.957Z

                                            I would love to know how to add options (or keyboard macros) to the TinyPilot menu, but it's outside my area of expertise. Maybe someone else knows.
                                            If you want to get hotkey switching working, try changing the USB port on the KVM that you connect the TinyPilot to. For virtual storage support, you want to use the general/hub USB port on the TESMart KVM. If you want hot key switching support, connect the TinyPilot to the keyboard port on the TESMart KVM. Do some tests with just a physical keyboard and the KVM.

                                            1. JJintu @Jintu
                                                2021-12-23 19:48:42.015Z

                                                Heya CM, I have tested plugging in the TinyPilot directly into the keyboard/mouse ports, but alas, no go. It doesn't accept the signal from the TinyPilot. Plugged it back into the other port at the keyboard and mouse worked again. (I had virtual media disabled). I did script up the "scroll lock, scroll lock, 1" and added it like the ctrl-alt-del menu item. It showed up in the history down the bottom but didnt work either. I believe that the hotkeys only work in the keyboard / mouse ports... bugger. Im having a crack at making the menu fire off the bash scripts.

                                                1. EBernd Ebert @ebert
                                                    2022-02-02 13:16:41.491Z

                                                    Hey Jintu, is there any source on how to add Keyboard Shortcuts? I did not find anything on that except some comment in github that it should be added.

                                        2. In reply tomichael:
                                          EEddie @edgoldbeck
                                            2021-10-11 19:03:10.201Z

                                            Awesome. Thank you Michael!

                                        3. G
                                          In reply tochuckm:
                                          Guy Robertson @guybor
                                            2021-10-19 18:11:46.595Z

                                            can you email me an older build also....or how close are you to getting the new build out......I'm still having issues with my setup with a KVM switch.

                                            Thank you

                                            1. Sure, just sent you an email.

                                            2. In reply tochuckm:
                                              Michael Lynch @michael2021-11-04 19:44:33.823Z2021-11-23 20:59:03.167Z

                                              Update: As of the 2.3.1 (November 2021) release, you can now disable virtual storage more cleanly. See this article:

                                              As a temporary workaround until 2.3.1, you can disable USB virtual drives by SSHing in to your TinyPilot and running the following commands:

                                              curl \
                                                | sudo tee /opt/tinypilot-privileged/init-usb-gadget && \
                                                sudo service usb-gadget restart

                                              We're planning to ship version 2.3.1 in the next few weeks, which will offer a cleaner solution to this issue.

                                              1. S
                                                In reply tochuckm:
                                                  2021-12-15 23:11:32.458Z

                                                  @michael I'm looking to purchase a TinyPilot, but really need it to be paired with a KVM so I can work on multiple devices behind the TinyPilot. A few months have gone by - just wondering if there are any recommended KVM switches that support everything. Ideally I do want virtual storage to work as well so I can reimage connected devices via USB emulated storage devices. I've been reading about TesMart and AIMOS KVMs which seem to provide the most functionality, at least in terms of what is available to purchase.

                                                  I can start a new thread for this, but figured others looking at AIMOS KVMs like me might find this thread as I did when searching. Also - has anyone tried the 8 in 1?


                                                  1. CC M @chuckm
                                                      2021-12-15 23:27:10.479Z

                                                      I'm still using Tesmart "HKS0801A1U 8-port HMDI KVM 4k@60" with the TinyPilot. I have virtual storage enabled and I switch the KVM port via IP (from Raspberry Pi or Windows), not keyboard hotkey. Everything works well. Tesmart KVM needs a fixed IP assignment, not DHCP. By default, the Tesmart will auto switch inputs when a PC reboots, which may not be desired. This can be disabled by pushing the M button on the included Tesmart remote. Unfortunately the remote does not ship with a coin battery so that needs to be purchased separately.

                                                      1. In reply tossherwood:

                                                        We unfortunately don't have the resources to test different KVMs in-house, so we rely on reports from our users. Users seem to see the best results with the E-SDS MT0801HK and the TESmart HKS0801A1U.

                                                        Big thanks again to @chuckm for continuing to share his results!

                                                      2. Progress
                                                        with handling this problem
                                                      3. E
                                                        Eddie @edgoldbeck
                                                          2021-10-18 18:13:47.484Z

                                                          Morning folks. So I got the Aimos KVM and it recognizes the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc, BUT, I can't use the hotkey switching. Is this the thing we're expecting not to work? How do I "downgrade" to the old tiny pilot software?

                                                          1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-10-19 16:10:12.104Zreplies toedgoldbeck:

                                                            There's no automated way to get old builds, but I just emailed you a link.

                                                            In the next update, we're adding a cleaner way to disable USB virtual storage, which I think is what's causing AIMOS KVMs to fail on recognizing hotkey switching.

                                                            1. E
                                                              Eddie @edgoldbeck
                                                                2021-10-21 13:01:15.513Zreplies tomichael:

                                                                Appreciate the update Michael. Looking forward to that change so I can skip the swivel chair over to the kvm button haha.