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ATX reset for Surface Pro?

By David Cuccia @dcuccia
    2021-09-22 20:49:39.292Z

    Hi - KVM novice here. Watched Jeff Geerling's video on TinyPilot, and wondering if a remote hard-reset would be possible for a Surface Pro tablet (either stand-alone, or with a docking station setup). Thanks!

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    1. Thanks for reaching out!

      No, I don't believe this would be possible. To hard reset a Surface Pro, you need to hold down the physical power button on the tablet. That's distinct from any keyboard inputs the Surface Pro accepts via a USB port, so the TinyPilot wouldn't be able to send that signal.

      1. DDavid Cuccia @dcuccia
          2021-09-22 23:02:57.809Z

          Thanks for the quick reply! That's what I feared, but didn't hurt to ask :) I'll still pick one or two up and tell my friends, it just doesn't solve my day-job problem. Cheers!