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Hobbyist: no signal after aborted TC358743 experiment

By @sborgeson
    2021-10-02 06:37:59.016Z

    After setting up the hobbyist kit version of your device, I learned that TC358743 based capture cards reduce the blur of usb based ones. I thought I might order a compatible card and saw the instructions on enabling support. I though I might as well see what happens trying to enable it ( I used the /opt update scripts since I have the pro software. I was expecting something along the lines of enabling a kernel module - it would be available for later. Instead I watched it fail. That was fine, I thought. I removed that line from settings.yml and re-initiated the update, but now I have no signal for video connecting to a machine that worked out of the box. I do have keyboard and mouse support. I seems the aborted experiment has left something that is interfering with my ability to connect using the hdmi dongle. Do I need to reset the EDID? How do I revert to "factory settings"?

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    1. S
        2021-10-02 06:46:09.640Z

        FWIW, I see that the edids dir still has the TC358743 hex.

        1. In reply tosborgeson:

          Sorry about that. We don't have a good process for converting from USB dongle to TC358743 chip.

          You can factory reset your device through these instructions:

          When you download the new image, download the Hobbyist image if you plan to use the USB dongle and the Voyager image if you plan to use the TC358743 chip.