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TinyPilot to control an Hikvision NVR

By @lucavettu
    2021-10-04 06:54:09.334Z2021-10-04 17:19:31.376Z


    I am considering buying TinyPilot to control an NVR that will be too difficult to reach for a lazy guy like me, and the pros of potentially being able to control it from any browser around the house (and beyond) makes me drool.

    TinyPilot is going to be connected to a Hikvision NVR, and searching the forums it appears TinyPilot and NVRs sometimes don't get along well. Since I'm even going to buy it from because I live in Europe, before I buy it, do you think it's gonna work? Is there anybody with an Hikvision NVR saying it works ok on his side?


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    1. Yeah, some of the NVR systems have compatibility issues with the TinyPilot. If you're purchasing from Europe, I recommend contacting's support email to ask what their return policy is if it doesn't work with your NVR system.

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        In reply tolucavettu:
        dragon788 @dragon788
          2021-10-12 14:55:55.341Z

          One of the challenges of connecting to an NVR is many of them run a "hardened" Linux, or Unix derivative (WindRiver or similar) or maybe worse Windows CE or Windows Embedded), so they don't support composite USB HID devices (keyboard/mouse/etc). If might be possible to change the "gadget mode" of the TinyPilot to ONLY present a keyboard/mouse and not anything else, but no guarantees that would fix the compatibility either. I believe another Pi based KVM has been struggling with Apple's goofy keyboard initialization logic recently as well.