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High latency

By Bob Alexander @raetron
    2021-10-05 19:41:38.946Z

    Hi, new TinyPilot user here.
    I am seeing a rather high latency (5 - 30+ seconds between pressing key and it registering on screen) even when average latency is 10ms with 0% packet loss. I am connected through a gigabit ethernet switch.

    I see a lot of 'failed to forward mouse event' in the logs.
    Oct 05 15:30:34 tinypilot python[449]: [2021-10-05 15:30:34,702] ERROR in socket_api: Failed to forward mouse event: Failed to write to HID interface: /dev/hidg1. Is USB cable connected?

    Upgraded to the latest version before using the unit so unsure if that has anything to do with it (or if it worked before upgrading).
    Any suggestions? I've tried multiple USB ports on the target machine and swapped the power and data micro usb cables going into the power switch box.

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    1. Thanks for reporting this!

      Are you on the same local network as the TinyPilot? It's unusual for there to be that much latency on a local network, so I'm not sure why you'd see delays of 30s.

      Does the latency change if you adjust video settings?

      1. RBob Alexander @raetron
          2021-10-07 01:04:29.248Z

          I was, but I am now using a VPN to connect remotely and the latency is down in the 200-300ms range like what I would expect.

          1. You're seeing lower latency over a VPN than if you connect over LAN via the same switch? That would be very unusual.