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Firewall ? Does it have one and if so - what

By Jay Lepore @compumatter
    2021-10-19 23:45:18.323Z


    Does TinyPilot come with an active firewall. I want to setup access from the Internet via a port forward but need to make sure it's not getting blocked internally.

    What sayeth the group?

    Jay / CompuMatter

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    1. TinyPilot doesn't ship with a firewall enabled, so there shouldn't be any issues with port forwarding.

      If you want to access the device outside of your local network, one alternative to port forwarding would be to use a third-party tool to enable cloud access.

      1. Jay Lepore @compumatter
          2021-10-20 20:25:43.220Z2021-10-24 20:42:45.020Z

          Thanks Michael,

          I'm experimenting with tailscale simultaneously so I can have 2 potential solutions for remote access ie; port forward from a static IP and tailscale.

          I will document the solution by video and make it available once I have accomplished the goal.