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HDMI not detected at BIOS level or in OS

By Jay Lepore @compumatter
    2021-10-22 19:08:49.819Z

    I have created a video to make things more clear. I get no video detection via HDMI using Voyager. Works fine on next computer. 2nd monitor not seen in device manager (Windows). Computer displays fine to 'real' monitor though.
    Any ideas?

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    1. Hmm, that's a tough one. Often when TinyPilot fails to connect to a laptop, it's because the laptop is not configured to display to an external display, but that doesn't seem to be the case here since the older laptop can display fine to a real monitor.

      Could you try connecting to the troublesome laptop and then share the logs with System > Logs?

      It might be that the laptop for whatever reason doesn't want to negotiate a video connection with the TinyPilot. Can you try applying a new EDID, described here?

      1. Scott Stauffer @ScottStauffer
          2022-02-22 16:12:21.282Z

          Or try plugging a monitor into the machine that said "NO SIGNAL" and see if it displays on the monitor.
          Change this in the BIOS setting usually.