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NumLock and ten key numbers issue

By C M @chuckm
    2021-11-03 01:24:52.882Z

    With NumLock off on my keyboard, when I push the "left arrow/ 4" key on the right half of the keyboard, in the lower right of the browser it says "ArrowLeft", but on the remote PC it types a 4. If I turn "NumLock on" on my keyboard and push the "left arrow/ 4" key, the lower right of the browser says "4" but the remote PC acts as if I pushed left arrow. Is there a way to toggle the remote PC NumLock state? It's like the NumLock state is inverted between my local system and the remote system.

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    1. Oh, I never realized that the on-screen keyboard is missing a NumLock key.

      I've filed a bug to track this:

      In the meantime, there's a clunky workaround. If you turn on TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard through View > Show Keyboard, then open your browser's JavaScript console and paste in this snippet:

      let key = document.getElementById("on-screen-keyboard").shadowRoot.querySelector('keyboard-key[code="ScrollLock"]');
      key.innerText = "Num Lock"
      key.code = "NumLock"

      It will temporarily convert the ScrLk key on the keyboard into a NumLock key. You can push that to get back into sync between your local keyboard and the remote system.

      When you reload the browser window, the key will go back to normal.