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Windows 11 - missing USB Storage

By Tomas @vidtimex
    2021-11-08 15:29:58.389Z


    Windows 11 based installations can't see USB Storage, so installation from Virtual Media is not possible.
    Is there any workaround ?


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    1. Unfortunately, booting from a Windows image does not work currently.

      Windows fails to boot from TinyPilot's virtual USB drive, and the virtual CD-ROM drive is limited to files of 2.2 GB. The only workaround is to create a custom Windows 11 installation image that's less than 2.2 GB and mount it from TinyPilot in CD-ROM mode.

      1. VTomas @vidtimex
          2021-11-08 22:46:57.911Z

          Why It's limited to 2.2 GB ? It's relatively small size for operating systems released recently. Most of those comes at least in DVD size.

          1. It's a limitation of the CD-ROM format itself.

            TinyPilot can emulate a CD-ROM but not a DVD-ROM. CD-ROMs are limited to 2.2 GB in size.

            We're interested in emulating a DVD-ROM as well, but it's a significant amount of work.