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VGA-to-HDMI adapter power & splitting signal

By Jonathon @jonathon
    2021-11-18 23:14:12.244Z

    What are the best methods for powering the VGA-to-HDMI adapter with the USB cable?

    • Powered from Tiny Pilot?
    • Powered from target?
    • Powered from external power?

    For us, from target is easiest, but we had one adapter that was failing at the Ubuntu install screen with snow & green blocks. Replaced the adapter (exact model) and haven't seen the issue since.

    Also, would using a VGA splitter ( cause any problems? Labs are set up for both remote & local access with monitors for local users & KVMs for remote.

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    1. I recommend powering it from the target computer. VGA to HDMI adaptors tend to have a relatively high failure rate. The FOINNEX are the best we've found, but they still seem to have a failure rate of about 1-2% in the first three months, so it was likely a coincidence that connecting power to the target PC happened before the failure.

      I haven't tested a VGA splitter with the VGA adaptor, but I'd expect it to work.