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TinyPilot Voyager with PoE splitter

    2021-11-19 17:27:23.905Z

    Dear Sirs

    I'm going to install a TinyPilot Voyager and power it via a PoE splitter. Can I discard the Power Connector altogether and use a front USB port for keyboard and mouse traffic?

    Thanks and Regards

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    1. Thanks for reaching out!

      Are you building your own TinyPilot or purchasing a pre-made Voyager? The pre-made Voyager doesn't support PoE, so you wouldn't be able to power it that way. In theory, you could disassemble the Voyager and attach a Pi PoE HAT. In that case, I still recommend using the Power Connector, as it will prevent incorrect power flows between the Pi and the target computer.

      The only USB port on the Pi/Voyager that can emulate keyboard/mouse input is the USB-C port, as it's the only one that supports USB OTG. The USB-A 2.0 and 3.0 on the front of the device do not support USB OTG.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions I can answer.

      1. MMAURICIO HENRIQUES @mhenriques
          2021-11-20 10:35:48.425Z

          I't a pre-made Voyager. As far as powering the RPi, I understand it wouldn't know the 5V is coming from a UCTRONICS for Raspberry Pi PoE Splitter 5V Active PoE to Micro USB Adapter, but I understand the USB OTG limitation.
          Thanks for your help.

          1. MMAURICIO HENRIQUES @mhenriques
              2021-11-20 10:52:15.274Z

              I'tested 2 models of PoE HAT boards but the case fixing mount points for the screws does not allow a proper mount.
              I would need to "cut out" the corners of the PoE HAT module...