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Alt-Tab leaves remote system as if Alt is still pressed

By Don Eitner @FreihEitner
    2021-11-24 18:15:10.661Z2021-11-27 16:30:25.152Z

    First I love being able to work on my 2nd machine within a window on my primary desktop. Thank you.

    [edit: I am running in Chrome's "create shortcut" app mode, if that matters.]

    But when I use Alt-Tab (yes, I am an long-time keyboard user) to switch windows on my host machine (Windows 10 version 21H1), when I return to the guest or remote window that system's Windows (also Windows 10 version 21H1) still believes that the Alt key is being held down.

    Unless I remember to tap the Alt key after returning to the remote system's window, this causes unexpected behavior when I click links in web pages (downloads the page rather than browsing to it) or when I double click a desktop icon (I get the properties window instead of launching the file or app).

    Is there a way that TinyPilot can release the Alt key press on the remote system in the event of Alt-Tab, or just after some set period of seconds with no other activity going into the TinyPilot window?

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    1. Thanks for reporting this!

      I believe you're describing this bug. Is that correct?

      Our intended fix is that when the TinyPilot browser window loses focus, TinyPilot would release any modifier keys that are pressed. Would that work for you?

      1. FDon Eitner @FreihEitner
          2021-11-30 02:55:12.697Z

          Yes, that is exactly my issue and the suggested solution sounds like it will work. Sorry, I did not realize you had another site for bug reports.

          1. In reply tomichael:
              2022-12-07 18:09:43.663Z

              any progress on this? the linked bug seems to still be open. this is a pretty annoying bug if you alt/tab between windows frequently. between macOS/windows the command key gets translated to the windows key and keeps opening the start menu randomly.

              an alternative solution would be to allow blocking certain key-mappings, like only map the right side alt/command key to the key on the target machine, but not the left side.

              1. David @david2022-12-08 15:41:22.442Z

                Hi @altuser, thanks for your question!

                any progress on this?

                Unfortunately, I don't see any progress beyond the Github issue, so it's not part of our short-term roadmap yet. We prioritize features based on user demand, so I've added a comment in the issue about the inconsistent state when you use alt + tab. And we’ll definitely consider your feedback in our planning.

                an alternative solution would be to allow blocking certain key-mappings, like only map the right side alt/command key to the key on the target machine, but not the left side.

                Thanks for the suggestion! One of the problems with blocking certain key mappings is that it can affect different keyboard layouts and locales that use left and right meta keys for separate functions. Unfortunately, it's a pretty difficult problem to solve with just the keyboard logic itself - like Michael mentioned in the GitHub issue, using window.onblur might be a better solution in this case.

                1. A@atluser
                    2022-12-08 15:50:08.150Z

                    should the status here be changed to plan to fix instead of solved?

                    1. David @david2022-12-08 19:38:01.597Z

                      Thanks for pointing that out - I've updated the thread!

                      1. FDon Eitner @FreihEitner
                          2022-12-08 20:15:59.925Z

                          Thanks to you both. Yes this is still an issue for me as well.

                          1. R@Req
                              2023-02-01 10:53:37.034Z

                              This is a persistently annoying problem for me, it would be much appreciated if it could be fixed. With the windows key as well, ideally. But Alt-tab is far more annoying for me.

                              1. David @david2023-02-02 17:31:25.686Z

                                Hi @Req, sorry that you're also running into this issue.

                                I've added a comment on our GitHub issue to note your request for the bug fix. There still isn't a timeline for its fix, but the team is aware that this is a persistent issue.

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