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Blank screen on reboot

By Justin Kumpe @jakumpe2021-02-24 21:51:20.858Z

When I reboot my server tinypilot goes to a black screen and I have to reboot tinypilot to get video back. Any way to fix this?

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-02-25 22:18:40.318Z

    This is with the hobbyist kit, correct?

    The HDMI to USB dongles can unfortunately be temperamental with certain machines.

    If you SSH in and restart just the streaming service (uStreamer), does that bring back the video?

    sudo service ustreamer restart
    1. JJustin Kumpe @jakumpe2021-03-11 01:11:10.046Z

      Yes, this is the hobbyist kit. No, restarting ustreamer does not help.

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-03-11 19:43:27.454Z

        The other option is to reset the USB port. It's a bit tricky to set up, but some of my users have had success with this tool:

      2. In reply tomichael:
        MMd Syukri Salleh @mdsyukri2021-03-11 01:09:34.611Z

        Hi, i also experience same issue. no problem while it was on windows' session.
        i will get blank screen whenever i reboot and any this pre-OS (such BIOS etc..) will remain blank.

        I applied this sudo service ustreamer restart on SSH however it doesnt help

        My Setup: raspberry pi4 + TinyPilot Power Connector splitter

        1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-03-11 19:43:43.826Z

          What video capture hardware are you using?

          1. MMd Syukri Salleh @mdsyukri2021-03-13 00:18:57.632Z
            1. MMd Syukri Salleh @mdsyukri2021-03-26 02:24:23.053Z

              Hi @michael do you have any specific chipset/brand that i can give try for this? thanks.

              1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-03-29 19:48:15.678Z

                Many of the HDMI chips are unbranded, but you can recognize them by photo. Any of the capture chips marked as "Tested compatible (@mtlynch)" on this page should work: