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I just ordered the Voyage 2!

By Scott Stauffer @ScottStauffer
    2021-12-09 20:05:55.523Z

    I'm curious what PoE HAT will be used in the Voyager 2 option coming in January?

    I know I won't likely be able to upgrade the one that i just ordered, but still very curious...

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    1. Thanks for your order!

      We're custom making our own PoE HATs. None of the commercially available ones we've seen protect against reverse current, so there would be a risk of incorrect power backflows between the target computer and the TinyPilot device.

      1. GGuy Robertson @guybor
          2022-06-22 14:50:22.342Z


          Can your custom PoE Hat be purchased and added to an existing TinyPilot?

          1. Hi Guy. We typically don't offer the HATs on their own, but you can email, and we can try to figure out a solution for you. The Voyager 2 PoE HATs will fit inside a Voyager 2 case but not a Voyager 1 case.