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Tiny Pilot Voyager: Paste operation substitutes characters

By @TinyPieLot
    2021-12-14 16:59:31.000Z2021-12-14 20:10:01.192Z

    Wow ! That almost drove me mad trying to authenticate myself using my password manager ! hahaha

    Just realized that our newly acquired Tiny Pilot Voyage (not V2) with latest firmware 2.3.1 substitutes characters during a simple copy paste from host to target. For some context, I select this string on a windows 10 pro ##!!\ then goto latest MS Edge currently connected to target via the tiny pilot web app the use its builtin paste operation and when asked I press CTRL+V. The resulting string becomes //||<<

    I have no idea if this was introduced in this new firmware or if it was existing before the update.

    How can I fix this annoyance in an otherwise fantastic product?

    Happy holidays to everyone

    Tiny Pie Lot

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    1. T
        2021-12-14 17:25:21.510Z

        More over, the right ALT key, used to access special characters in French Canadian layout for example, does not work within the TinyPilot connection but works flawlessly everywhere else outside that window. :(

        1. Progress
        2. T
            2021-12-14 19:39:30.684Z

            Is it possible that instead of a true copy/paste implementation, tiny pilot upon receiving the pasted string, replays these characters through the keyboard connection using its localy define keyboard locale? that could explain the character substitution.

            1. F
              Don Eitner @FreihEitner
                2021-12-15 01:45:34.846Zreplies toTinyPieLot:

                Based only on personal observations when pasting into the remote system, I believe you are correct that TinyPilot is replaying the keys since it cannot actually paste (there's no direct data link or shared chipboard between the host system and the remote system).

                1. T
                    2021-12-15 14:52:34.769Zreplies toFreihEitner:

                    So if that's true, theoretically, if I set the tinypilots local/internal keyboard layout, I could fix this issue of mine. When I have a minute, I'll see if this is possible to do so via ssh.
                    thanks for your input

                    1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-12-15 14:57:16.881Zreplies toTinyPieLot:

                      Yes, @FreihEitner is correct. There's no way for TinyPilot to directly share a clipboard with the target computer, as the only interface we have is the keyboard device. TinyPilot looks at each character one by one and then attempts to type the matching keycode for that character.

                      The implementation is currently fairly naive and optimized for en-US and en-GB keyboard layouts. We welcome contributions for other locales. You can find the code here:


                      On your device, it's under /opt/tinypilot/app/static/js/keycodes.js.

                      1. T
                          2021-12-15 15:24:11.541Zreplies tomichael:

                          Thanks alot! Will definately look at this
                          Happy holidays :-)