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Just got Voyager2, red power light comes on but no ethernet link light.

By Eugene Lee @eugelee
    2021-12-18 05:37:48.291Z

    I have verified the network cable and hub are all working but I can't get the Ethernet lights to come on the Pi, nor does it show link on the switch. Any troubleshooting I can do or is it a bad Ethernet on the RPi?

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      Don Eitner @FreihEitner
        2021-12-19 20:18:11.970Z

        This may or may not help, but a search in the TinyPilot forums for ethernet turned up a discussion where evidently a bad HDMI cable caused the network to not work.
        TinyPilot network doesn't seem to want to initialize #post-9

        1. In reply toeugelee:

          Sorry for the delay, @eugelee as I was away for the holidays.

          Are you still experiencing this? Can you try disconnecting everything except for the power and Ethernet cables and see if the problem persists?

          We manually test every unit before shipping it out, so it's rare for the hardware to be defective.

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            In reply toeugelee:
            Mladen Trampic @mtrampic
              2021-12-28 11:51:56.751Z2022-01-05 00:58:49.175Z

              @michael , I have same issue ... Just received device..
              Now it is just blinking red light , but no Ethernet activity...

              1. @mtrampic - Just saw your email and sent a response.

                1. MMladen Trampic @mtrampic
                    2022-01-05 00:59:55.118Z

                    @michael , thank you for amazing and quick support helping resolve the issue.
                    I am looking forward to my getting TinyPilot flying forward.