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Restricted work laptop

By @Zuma
    2022-02-15 08:59:21.456Z

    I work for bank fully remote with restricted laptop. They always track IP address. I’m not able to travel with my company laptop. Laptop is using remote desktop system with their own vpn. Am I able to use Tinypilot to connect my laptop during travel? Thank you.

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    1. @fft2022-02-15 15:15:31.279Z

      Hi @Zuma: My assumption: Your "Bank Laptop" is at a place, where you can work with it for the bank. There it has a fixed IP Address (or can access the bank system). You can put TinyPilot in another IP LAN, not connected to the Bank VPN, and find a way to connect to TinyPilot in this different LAN. TinyPilot has to be "physically" close to your bank laptop, so that you can connect TinyPilot to it with HDMI and USB cables. So technically it would work; BUT: This opens (thru TinyPilot) a way to connect to your Bank laptop, which IMHO is not what the bank might want to have, as it is an access from another VPN to TinyPilot, which than can access the bank laptop.
      So technically it should work, but as it is a bank, I would not do it for security reasons; or at least ask the bank what they do in such a case.

      1. U
        In reply toZuma:
          2023-04-10 17:59:04.328Z

          Just install TailScale on TinyPilot. Then TailScale on your traveling device. Use browser on traveling device, open IP address of your TinyPilot's TailScale address, and you're set. I do find that doing this often doesn't allow H.264 reliably though, even with lower quality settings. Not sure if you will have the same experience or not.