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Does TinyPilot support dual or multi-monitor setups?

By miniminer @miniminer
    2021-03-02 06:11:01.589Z

    I often have to work on machines remotely that have dual or multiple monitors.

    Does TinyPilot support this function?


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    1. Unfortunately, TinyPilot only captures video from a single video output.

      It would still capture video from a system that's using multi-monitor, but you'd have to change the display configuration from "Extend" to "Mirror" when you connect the TinyPilot.

      1. P@PowPow
          2021-05-21 19:48:33.153Z

          So if I have 2 monitors setup on "Extend", TinyPilot would be able to see both of those screens?

          1. To the target computer, TinyPilot appears as a single monitor. If the target computer is set up for "extend," TinyPilot would only see the output for a single monitor.

            1. P@PowPow
                2021-05-23 04:37:16.594Z

                To get dual display, would I need an additional tiny pilot? Or is there any work around?

                1. You could theoretically do dual display on two TinyPilots, but it would be a fairly poor experience. The two "monitors" would be in separate browser tabs. The mouse wouldn't work properly because it assumes the in-browser screen represents the whole desktop, so it wouldn't place the cursor correctly on the remote machine.

          2. B
            In reply tominiminer:
            Belal Salas @Belal
              2021-07-23 03:45:29.549Z

              Hi @michael , should we expect TinyPilot to support dual monitor in the near feature?


              1. Unfortunately not. We'd need to do a lot of hardware development on the Voyager before it could support two HDMI inputs.

              2. M
                In reply tominiminer:
                  2021-12-11 09:27:19.582Z

                  I am also very interested in dual monitor support and as much I want to purchase a Tiny Pilot right now this is the only feature that I need in order to say “shut up and take my money”


                  Just had an idea - how about just “tricking” the machine into thinking that it is using an ultra wide monitor instead ?

                  1. Unfortunately, this isn't on our roadmap at the moment. It would be cool to have, but it would be a substantial amount of work to implement.

                    TinyPilot uses a TC358743-based chip to capture HDMI, and I don't believe it could present itself as an ultra-wide monitor or capture input those resolutions, but if someone wanted to experiment, they could try generating a custom EDID and replace TinyPilot's standard EDID to see if they can get it working.