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can't connect

By c @startracer
    2022-02-24 17:01:56.615Z

    I have just installed tinypilot. It i visible on the router, but I can't connect via https://tinypilot.local or https://tinypilot

    If there is no way to connect to it, then I can't begin to troubleshoot

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    1. D
      Diego @diego2022-02-24 17:29:48.393Z

      Hello @startracer! Are you able to connect to it via straight IP address? If it shows on your router, there should be an entry with the IP associated to the TinyPilot, use that one. Let me know if that works.

      1. Sc @startracer
          2022-02-24 17:56:10.178Z

          I tried that - it didn't work

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          In reply tostartracer:
          Diego @diego2022-02-24 18:23:22.073Z

          Sorry to hear that @startracer

          Are the ethernet leds blinking on the TinyPilot? How about the other LEDs?

          Do you have any particular network setup, like for example Tailscale VPN?

          1. S
            In reply tostartracer:
            c @startracer
              2022-02-24 20:15:48.125Z

              I have a solid red light on the back and a solid green light next to the ethernet cable
              When I try to connect in the browser, I get this page:

              502 Bad Gateway

              1. S
                In reply tostartracer:
                c @startracer
                  2022-02-25 11:11:36.694Z

                  I don't know what else to try - I can't troubleshoot this without access to tinypilot, and it seems to be impossible to connect to tinypilot

                  1. DDiego @diego2022-02-25 17:13:18.007Z2022-02-28 18:48:55.866Z

                    Hi @startracer

                    I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I suspect you are hitting the following bug. The workaround options are:

                    • Re-flash the microSD (you can find instructions on how to do so in this document)

                    • Enable SSH and run the following command. NOTE: To enable SSH you will have to mount the microSD on another computer and then add a file called ssh to the boot partition.

                    sudo mv /home/tinypilot/.flask-secret-key /home/tinypilot/old-flask-secret-key && \
                       sudo service tinypilot restart
                    • If you don't have a microSD reader, we can ship you a replacement microSD.