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By @mrsharky
    2022-03-05 14:10:37.569Z

    Good Morning,

    Just received my TinyPilot and was excited to use it with my phone. I have a samsung S10 and using a USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter ( Everything is working as expected except for the mouse. I believe they keyboard works because the arrow keys move the focus from app to app and I can start up an app by pressing . Any thoughts on how to get the mouse to work. I'm using Windows 10 and have tried Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer, all experiencing the same issue.

    Let me know if there's anything I can try to gain full mouse and keyboard support.


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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-03-07 19:01:01.370Z

        Good afternoon @mrsharky !

        TinyPilot support is limited in mobile devices.

        • How are you connecting two USB devices (a keyboard and a mouse) through one USB port (as per the picture of the HDMI Multiport Adapter, it only has one USB port)?

        • Would you be able to share your logs? (System > Logs in the TinyPilot web interface)

        1. In reply tomrsharky:

          Thanks for sharing that splitter! I just ordered one, so I'll see if I can reproduce your issue using my phone.

          1. M@mrsharky
              2022-04-16 12:41:02.184Z

              Hi Michael,

              Any update on this front? Thanks for looking into this.

              1. Sorry, I forgot to follow up here. I purchased the splitter, but I couldn't reproduce the behavior you saw.

                Can you clarify how you're using the splitter? Which cables are going into the TinyPilot, phone, and splitter?

                1. M@mrsharky
                    2022-05-29 18:00:19.821Z2022-05-29 18:42:33.304Z

                    Hi Michael,

                    Sorry for the delayed response. My setup of the splitter is attached. I've tried formatting a new SDCARD with the latest firmware and the result is still the same.

                    Result: I can view the phone screen (through the TinyPilot web interface), but the mouse does not appear to work (ie. clicking on the phone icons does nothing). The only thing that seems to have an affect is when I hit the tab key which makes the icon "focus" traverse through the different icons on the phone, but that's it.

                    1. Okay, I'm able to reproduce this. I actually didn't realize that Android phones could take keyboard and mouse input, so this is neat. My phone doesn't support video output through the USB-C port, but I was able to type on the keyboard. I wasn't able to move or click the mouse at all. Does your mouse work except for clicks or does it not move at all?

                      I tried connecting a physical mouse and keyboard to the Android phone through a USB hub, and I was able to use both the mouse and keyboard normally. It's possible that Android only accepts input from a mouse if it's a relative mouse (like most physical mice) but it doesn't work with absolute positioned devices (like a drawing tablet).

                      I've filed a bug to track this, though this is unfortunately a significant amount of work to investigate and fix, and we won't have time to do it in the short-term.

                      1. M@mrsharky
                          2022-05-30 23:39:13.590Z2022-06-04 17:57:00.324Z

                          After further investigation I found your statement of "I was able to type on the keyboard. I wasn't able to move or click the mouse at all." to match my experience.

                          Thank you for digging into this by ordering the splitter and taking the time to replicate the problem.

                          May I request an extension on my "year of free updates" considering this doesn't work as I intentionally purchased this device for the specific application? Thank you for your consideration and efforts in resolving this issue.

                          1. Diego @diego
                              2022-06-02 17:11:42.883Z

                              Hi @mrsharky - I apologize for the late reply. Please email to so we can work out a resolution with you.

                            • In reply tomichael:
                                2023-07-10 00:18:29.664Z

                                Is there any update on the usability of tinypilot on an android or iphone? I have some use for this feature, but would need nearly full functionality.

                                Thanks in advance for any response!

                                1. David @david2023-07-10 11:39:11.318Z

                                  Hi @steveperry, thanks for your question.

                                  Unfortunately, TinyPilot doesn't support mobile phones.

                                  Based on the previous posts, it sounds like keyboard and display functionality may work on some Andoid devices. However, it doesn't look like TinyPilot's mouse works with Android. It's possible that adding support for relative mouse mode may improve support with Android phones, but we don't know yet.

                                  We have open issues for both adding relative mouse support and to support mouse input on Andoid devices. If you're interested in updates, I'd recommend subscribing to updates on those Github issues.

                                  Adding support for mobile phones isn't part of our short-term roadmap yet, but we're always working to improved TinyPilot's software and hardware. We prioritize features based on user demand, so we’ll definitely consider your feedback in our planning.

                                  Hope that answers your question!

                                  1. S@steveperry
                                      2023-07-10 15:23:34.937Z

                                      Thank you for the quick response and I'll be looking forward to updates! Have a great day!

                                      1. In reply todavid:
                                        CCamille @Cammik
                                          2024-04-07 01:03:56.110Z

                                          Any updates on this? Would love to have full remote control of mobile devices.