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Samsung Phone

By @mrsharky
    2022-03-05 14:10:37.569Z

    Good Morning,

    Just received my TinyPilot and was excited to use it with my phone. I have a samsung S10 and using a USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter ( Everything is working as expected except for the mouse. I believe they keyboard works because the arrow keys move the focus from app to app and I can start up an app by pressing . Any thoughts on how to get the mouse to work. I'm using Windows 10 and have tried Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer, all experiencing the same issue.

    Let me know if there's anything I can try to gain full mouse and keyboard support.


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    1. D
      Diego @diego2022-03-07 19:01:01.370Z

      Good afternoon @mrsharky !

      TinyPilot support is limited in mobile devices.

      • How are you connecting two USB devices (a keyboard and a mouse) through one USB port (as per the picture of the HDMI Multiport Adapter, it only has one USB port)?

      • Would you be able to share your logs? (System > Logs in the TinyPilot web interface)

      1. In reply tomrsharky:

        Thanks for sharing that splitter! I just ordered one, so I'll see if I can reproduce your issue using my phone.

        1. M@mrsharky
            2022-04-16 12:41:02.184Z

            Hi Michael,

            Any update on this front? Thanks for looking into this.

            1. Sorry, I forgot to follow up here. I purchased the splitter, but I couldn't reproduce the behavior you saw.

              Can you clarify how you're using the splitter? Which cables are going into the TinyPilot, phone, and splitter?