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Fan is starting to fail

By Zeid @spy
    2022-03-14 12:23:48.387Z

    I've had the tiny pilot for several months. This morning I noticed a grinding noise which turned out to be the TinyPilot.

    Is this covered by warranty? if not, are there specs for the fan that I can order a replacement?

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-03-15 01:43:23.466Z2022-03-15 14:39:47.461Z

        Hello Zeid,

        I'm sorry to hear your TinyPilot's fan is starting to fail. The fans we use are rated for 30,000 hours of operation, but sometimes they fail even before that. Unfortunately, our policy is to replace failed parts only within 30 days of purchase.

        The specifications for a replacement fan are:

        • It needs to be 30mmx30mmx7mm
        • It needs to take 5V

        For example, the following two are both compatible: FAN1 FAN2

        Let me know if you have further questions, I'll be happy to answer.

        1. S
          In reply tospy:
          Zeid @spy
            2022-03-15 12:45:38.148Z

            Thank you.

            1. J
              In reply tospy:
              Jeremy Beall @jezzab
                2022-05-29 22:58:55.754Z2022-05-29 23:22:18.083Z

                Mine is 6 months old and the fan has also started to become extremely noisy and griding.