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accessing my home desktop at work

By ThirtyTwelve @ThirtyTwelve
    2022-05-22 18:54:55.825Z2022-05-22 19:22:28.206Z

    hello. so i bought this kvm because it looked cool and i need to access my home desktop at work sometimes. but i have a problem, how can i access it at work without setting up a vpn? because my work computer is always on a diffrent vpn(maybe whitelist so only people on work vpn can use it?)


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    1. D
      Diego @diego2022-05-23 14:53:45.534Z

      Hello @ThirtyTwelve! Welcome to the Forum and thank you for posting your question here.

      I would recommend that you setup Tailscale, as it will allow you to access your TinyPilot from your work computer, or from anywhere for that matter. Please see the following article: Using Tailscale to Access TinyPilot Remotely.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and/or comments, I'll be happy to answer them.

      1. TThirtyTwelve @ThirtyTwelve
          2022-05-23 18:25:41.398Z

          Hello this seems ok in practice but my work vpn does not support split tunnels...

          1. DDiego @diego2022-05-23 18:34:39.681Z

            @ThirtyTwelve - You may also try but performance is better with Tailscale.

            1. In reply toThirtyTwelve:

              Keep in mind that TinyPilot doesn't necessarily need to be on the same network/VPN as your work computer. If you install Tailscale on the TinyPilot and give it Internet access, that will make the TinyPilot accessible to any other machine you join to your Tailscale network.

            2. In reply todiego:
              TTrack @trackoid
                2022-05-28 03:47:24.544Z

                I use and it works very well. Speed is good too. No need for another's just a regular URL you can access from anywhere.