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Can sound be included over HDMI?

By Lance L @lancel
    2022-05-27 01:24:36.614Z

    I just received my TinyPilot today, and it works great! I am connecting to a MacBook Pro 13” M1, and everything works as expected. I had just one question. Is it possible to include sound over the HDMI link? Certainly sound can be transmitted via HDMI, but I don't know what the capabilities of the capture hardware are. It's a very minor thing, really. I was just curious if I could remotely receive audio from the target machine.

    Thank you very much for this cool little device!

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-05-27 19:23:17.826Z

        Hello @lancel! Welcome to the Forum, and thank you for posting your question here.

        Sound over the HDMI link is theoretically possible, but it's not something we're likely to add in the short term. Also, unfortunately, the Voyager 2 hardware doesn't support audio capture.

        Let me know if you have any other questions and/or comments, and I'll be glad to answer them. Thanks for your kind words!

        1. T
          In reply tolancel:
            2022-10-19 03:29:12.576Z

            Hi there,
            I also have the same concern about the audio of TinyPilot. How could I receive audio from the remote device?
            Hope to hear from you.

            1. David @david2022-10-19 11:49:35.561Z

              Hi @tinytiny, thanks for your question.

              TinyPilot doesn't currently support audio capture from the target machine. Adding support for audio isn't currently part of our short-term roadmap, but we have an open GitHub issue for adding audio support if you'd like to subscribe to notifications.

              I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.