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Lag after some use

By skil @skilpay
    2022-05-31 03:09:56.745Z

    Hi, for some reason my tinypilot ( latest version POE ) becomes very laggy after being in use for around 1h. In order to fix it I need to turn it off( removing AC and Network cable [I have both connected].
    Initially I only had it connected to the POE Cable ( Cat 8, siwtch netgear with poe+), but after seeing the lag I also connected the device to the AC power ( just in case my switch wasn't delivering enough power ) but still same issue. My device becomes very slow after some time.
    I also tried with another tinypilot ( I do have a backup ) same configuration and I'm seeing the same problem.
    Does anyone have any idea what the issue is, or how to fix it?
    Thank you!

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-05-31 16:40:28.194Z

        Hello @skilpay! Welcome to the Forum. I'm sorry you are having this issue.

        I'd like for you to do a couple things, in order to better diagnose the problem. Please do these at the same time the lag issue is occurring:

        • Please upload logs for me to review. This is how you would upload them: TinyPilot web interface > System > Logs > Get Shareable URL (copy the URL it will give you and paste it in your response).

        • Additionally, it would be wise to investigate for memory issues, as your system may be running out of RAM and starting to use swap, which would explain why the TinyPilot becomes so slow after a period of time. If possible try to SSH in to the TinyPilot and run this command (again, paste the URL it will give you in your response):

        (free -h; echo; top -b -n 1 -o %MEM -E m; echo; cat /proc/meminfo) | \
          curl -F '_=<-'
        • Regarding PoE, is there any way you could test your TinyPilots using ONLY the AC adaptor? Perhaps disabling power in the switch port? It doesn't really look to me like a PoE issue, but I just want to rule it out of the equation.
        1. S
          In reply toskilpay:
          skil @skilpay
            2022-06-06 20:46:10.597Z

            Thank you Diego, I will follow your instructions.
            I want to notice that the issue is happening on my devices with latest version, I have 2 other devices running 2.3.2 with no issues.
            Is there any way to download old 2.32 image?
            Thank you!

            1. Diego @diego
                2022-06-07 18:46:08.989Z

                Uhmm, that's strange. You should not be having these issues with newer versions of TinyPilot software.

                Are you using the same browser to access the different TinyPilots? I'm asking because some browsers leak memory when processing MJPEG, which would explain the slowdown over time.

                You might be interested in trying H264 mode, which does improve a lot on the browser's memory leaking issue.

                I'm looking if it is possible to download the 2.3.2 image. I'll let you know.

                1. Diego @diego
                    2022-06-08 19:05:29.415Z

                    Hello @skilpay - I do not recommend that you downgrade to 2.3.2. The issue you are experiencing is probably something else. See my previous post. Either way, you are free to e-mail and ask for the 2.3.2 image if you want to proceed with this.