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How would the dns name tinypilot be resolved?

By Mohamed Lrhazi @lrhazi
    2022-06-08 11:34:03.833Z

    I am just curious how that would work, given the instructions say:

    With your TinyPilot booted, you can now access the TinyPilot web interface from any device on your local network by visiting one of the following URLs:

    There seems to be the expectation that such DNS names would resolve at the users computers? how?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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      Diego @diego2022-06-08 19:32:12.730Z2022-06-08 19:39:03.899Z

      Hello @lrhazi - Thank you for posting your question here!

      At a high level, this is how it works:

      • When the TinyPilot boots, it performs a DHCP request, which includes the hostname (tinypilot).
      • Your router, acting as DHCP server, replies with a DHCP offer, that includes the IP address the TinyPilot will use.
      • The TinyPilot accepts the DHCP offer, and configures its network interface to use the given IP address.
      • Your router adds an entry for tinypilot to its own DNS resolver, using the IP address it assigned to the TinyPilot via the DHCP offer.
      • When you type https://tinypilot in your browser, it is your router that is resolving tinypilot to the corresponding IP address.
      • Depending on your router, you may have to type https://tinypilot.local or https://tinypilot.localdomain in your browser.

      It's worth mentioning that this isn't anything specific to TinyPilot. The OS running the DHCP client needs to include the hostname in the DHCP request, that's all. Most systems do this when they do a DHCP request.

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