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No signal with VGA adaptor - keyboard and mouse works fine.

By Kim Winther Jønsson @kjoensson
    2022-06-09 14:01:37.879Z2022-06-09 14:10:01.965Z

    Hi, I have just received the "tiny pilot" together with the VGA to HDMI adaptor.
    I keep getting "NO SIGNAL" on a black background when connecting.

    Keyboard and mouse works fine. I experience the same with 3 different VGA outputs/sources.
    I have succeeded in getting a display when connecting with HDMI directly (no VGA adaptor) to a raspberry pi.
    I have tried with different USB power cables for the VGA adaptor and it's the same on all VGA sources.

    Different HDMI cables has been tested.

    Log files shared:

    appreciate any support getting the VGA source to work. - Thanks

    Best regards Kim

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    1. D
      Diego @diego2022-06-09 19:07:28.164Z2022-06-09 19:41:44.380Z

      Hello Kim! I'm sorry you are having this issue. Thank you for posting your inquiry here.

      I can see the following in the logs you uploaded:

      Jun 09 13:58:36 tinypilot ustreamer[594]: -- INFO  [17.679    stream] -- Capturing ...
      Jun 09 13:58:37 tinypilot ustreamer[594]: -- ERROR [18.681    stream] -- Persistent device timeout (unplugged)

      The most likely reasons for seeing that message are:

      • The HDMI cable is incompatible with TinyPilot.
      • The HDMI cable is defective (this does not seem to be the case since it worked for you on that Raspberry Pi).
      • The VGA to HDMI adapter is defective.

      My recommendation for you is to try with a different HDMI cable. Should you continue to have issues after trying a different HDMI cable, then please contact so we can work out a resolution for you.

      1. In reply todiego:
        KKim Winther Jønsson @kjoensson
          2022-06-14 07:00:55.178Z

          Hi Diego

          Thanks a lot for you reply.
          I have now tried with different HDMI cables, all of them working without the HDMI->VGA adaptor.
          When using them together with the VGA adaptor is does not work.
          I suspect that you are right with the defective VGA adaptor.

          Best regards Kim

          1. DDiego @diego2022-06-14 15:38:34.897Z

            Hi Kim,

            Thank you for trying with additional HDMI cables. I'm sorry to hear it still doesn't work. Please contact so we can work out a resolution for you.