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Latest Update seemed to make Shift or Control clicking not work anymore.

By John Amerisun @Amerisun
    2021-03-22 02:47:34.847Z

    When I hold shift and left click on the mouse, or hold control and left click on the mouse (to select multiple items) on a remote PC, it no longer works for me, anyone else?

    I noticed it broke update before this last one, but thought I would wait for another one to come out to report it.

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    1. Can you try updating once more? There was an bad update on Friday that broke input forwarding.

      If you're still seeing this after updating to the latest version, can you share your logs from System > View Logs?

      1. MLeonardo Fibonacci @mac0112
          2021-03-25 15:21:40.758Z

          Hi Michael,

          Today 23.3 I launched the upgrade TinyPilot latest version 1.4.1. then I did a reboot.

          The TinyPilot not responding to the mouse and keyboard.
          Chromium still displays the screen in the web browser.
          Fortunately I made an image of the sd card ver 1.4.0

          1. Hmm, it doesn't look like there are any errors in your logs.

            Part of the update to 1.4.1 was an upgrade of the library. TinyPilot uses the protocol to send keyboard and mouse input from the browser to the device.

            What I think happened was that your browser had cached the old version of the library after you updated. You should be able to solve it with a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) in your browser.

            1. MLeonardo Fibonacci @mac0112
                2021-03-26 13:46:32.576Z

                CTRL + F5 helped

          2. A
            In reply toAmerisun:
            John Amerisun @Amerisun
              2021-03-22 20:46:19.943Z

              Yes, I actually updated after the bad update apparently, as I did not receive that. Link to logs are here:

              1. Well, this is embarrassing...

                I was updating the log sharing service this weekend and accidentally disabled data replication for three days, so I lost your log.

                Would it be possible for you to re-upload the logs?

                Also, what OS is your target computer?

                1. AJohn Amerisun @Amerisun
                    2021-03-24 14:23:18.705Z

                    No problem.

                    OS of target computer is Windows 10. I can hold shift or control and hit left arrow / right arrow and it works fine in text (word / text editor), it doesn't work with the mouse click though when trying to choose more than one file.

                    1. Oh, I see what you're saying. I can reproduce this behavior. I've filed a bug to track this:


                      Did this work at some point? Looking at the code, I can't tell what would have changed to break it.

                      1. AJohn Amerisun @Amerisun
                          2021-03-25 00:01:16.072Z

                          It was working before the last two major updates. The first update (with the new update UI) was when it first occurred, but I was going to let it go another patch before I reported it. Then the second update came with a better looking UI, and that's when I reported it.

                          1. Oh, interesting! I'll try to roll back to an old build and see if I can figure out what caused the difference.