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No video with VGA to HDMI

By @zalmyr
    2022-06-13 23:00:37.230Z

    When I connect a pc with the VGA to HDMI I get "NO SIGNAL".

    It works for the same PC on the HDMI port.

    The VGA to HDMI works with a different monitor.
    I tried 3 different brands of HDMI cables.

    The VGA to HDMI adapter (came with the TinyPilot) works to a regular monitor but not to TinyPilot.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you

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    1. D
      Diego @diego2022-06-14 15:33:19.597Z

      Hi @zalmyr, I'm sorry you are having this issue. Thanks for opening a new thread.

      In the logs you uploaded, I can see the following error:

      Jun 13 18:55:12 tinypilot ustreamer[588]: -- ERROR [258.014    stream] -- Unable to start capturing: Invalid argument

      That usually happens when the target system is outputting a higher framerate than the TinyPilot can handle.

      • Is it possible to reduce the frame rate on the target system? (some motherboards have options for this in the BIOS)
      • If that doesn't work, can you try reducing the resolution on the target system?
      1. Z@zalmyr
          2022-06-14 15:48:43.143Z

          This only happens with the VGA to HDMI which came with the TinyPilot, the default settings aren't supported?

          I need this so I can send a field tech to connect it, having him change settings in bios kind of defeats the purpose.

          1. DDiego @diego2022-06-14 16:33:34.517Z

            OK, please contact so we can work out a resolution for you. Please reference this forum post.