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TinyPilot mouse and keyboard lattency too slow

By Mustafa Arif @mustafa
    2022-06-18 02:26:20.675Z2022-06-19 01:58:57.568Z

    I bought Tinypilot for more than 1 month now, I tried everything including enabling H264. I don't see any issue when the stream from the tiny pilot(remote computer ) to my computer, I played video on the remote computer, and I could compare 99% perfect matched streaming, however, when I'm trying to control the mouse and keyboard on the remote computer then I see a significant delay and it is super annoying, I tried on multiple remote computers just to make sure if the issue might be device USB hub, but it doesn't like that; my assumption is that the tiny pilot is taking time in imitation the actions done my computer to be reflected on the remote computer, is there a way to optimize this?
    Note: both laptops are windows dell

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    1. D
      Diego @diego2022-06-20 17:07:34.264Z

      Hello Mustafa! Thank you for reporting this issue. I'm sorry you are experiencieng delays with keyboard and mouse.

      • Are you using or Tailscale (or any other) to manage your TinyPilot remotely, or are you connecting to the TinyPilot from same network?
      • Would you be able to upload full logs? This is how you would upload them: TinyPilot web interface > System > Logs > Get Shareable URL (copy the URL it will give you and paste it in your response).
      1. MMustafa Arif @mustafa
          2022-06-20 21:23:16.729Z

          I tried on same network as well as through other network, I'm exposing port 443 through my router. Software like TeamViewer or anydesk works like charm to access my remote system just tinypilot i see mouse delay.
          here is the logs:

          1. DDiego @diego2022-06-21 18:57:52.958Z

            Hi Mustafa. Please keep in mind that a minimal delay is to be expected. I believe you are experiencing video delay, but you only notice it when you try to type or when you try to move the mouse. You mentioned you have tried H264, you can try to do some tuning on H264.

            • I'm curious, how did you compare that 99% perfect matched streaming you stated?
            • You mentioned a "device USB hub". Is there anything in between the TinyPilot and the target computer? e.g. a USB hub, a KVM, etc.
            1. MMustafa Arif @mustafa
                2022-06-21 21:27:30.802Z

                Well i have already enabled h264,and I'm assuming it is still active, unless you say me it is not showing on my logs that i have uploaded.

                I can say 99%, i played video on the target computer and watching it on my computer, where i was able to hear the audio matching my computer screen, that is how i scaled it 99% :p

                No, usb is directly connected to target computer

                1. DDiego @diego2022-06-22 16:19:11.795Z

                  Hi Mustafa. Your logs show you are running H264. You can try the procedure in this post so you are completely sure H264 is enabled.

                  I still believe you are experiencing video delay, that is only noticeable when you try to type or when you try to move the mouse. Can you try to do some tuning on H264 and see if that resolves your issue?

                  1. MMustafa Arif @mustafa
                      2022-06-24 16:08:29.477Z

                      I crossed check it, it is running on H264. So, if it is a latency issue, when are we planning to fix it? as this is not meeting the expectation to use on day-to-day usage, as I can't use it like I use through teamviewer or anydesk

                      1. DDiego @diego2022-06-24 23:07:34.711Z2022-06-27 17:45:29.883Z
                        • The latency you are experiencing is not normal. Do you have any non-standard network setup where packets would be dropped?

                        • Also, were you able to try tuning on H264? That might resolve your issue.

                        • If H264 tuning does not resolve the issue, you may contact and we can find a resolution for you.

                        1. MMustafa Arif @mustafa
                            2022-06-25 05:25:02.242Z

                            'The latency you are experiencing is not normal. Do you have any non-standard network setup where packets would be dropped?' I'm not sure I'm doing anything special on my router, Are there any specific settings that need to be done on the router in order not to get any packet dropped?

                            1. DDiego @diego2022-06-27 17:39:56.502Z2022-06-27 17:53:24.462Z

                              No, there aren't any specific settings that would need to be applied to your router. I asked about your network setup because dropped packets would explain the latency you are experiencing.

                              I can't think of anything else that may be the cause of your problem. I'm afraid that if you have already tried tuning H264, and that didn't resolve your issue, then there isn't anything else we can try.