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web interface link not working

By Tim Taylor @tim1966
    2022-06-18 23:31:05.248Z

    Thank you for the tiny pilot, I purchased it but the web interface link you sent me does not work. Also how can i get it to connect if I am in another country. My primary reason for buying it was to set it up on a laptop in the US and access it from the Philippines. How can I do that ? And what about the interface issue as the website is showing error on my browser: https://tinypilot/

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    1. D
      Diego @diego2022-06-20 16:57:44.234Z

      Hello Tim! I'm sorry you're having this issue. Thank you for reporting it here.

      Please check for the following:

      • There is an ethernet cable from the TinyPilot that goes to your router and there is a link light on both ends.

      • The computer you are using to connect to the TinyPilot web interface is connected to the same network the TinyPilot is connected to (i.e. they are both connected to the same router).

      • Try to connect to these alternatives: https://tinypilot or https://tinypilot.local or https://tinypilot.localdomain

      • If possible, try to log into your router and verify there is an entry for the TinyPilot, in the DHCP table. It should show the IP address the router assigned to the TinyPilot. If there is such entry for the TinyPilot, try to connect to that IP address, instead of using the hostname.

      • What error are you getting when you try to connect? Can you paste the error in your response?

      Regarding your other question, I recommend you setup Tailscale, which will allow you to connect to your TinyPilot remotely.

      1. TTim Taylor @tim1966
          2022-06-20 17:09:05.355Z

          I got it connected and added tailscale etc. Last thing can you recommend the best way to add audio to the device setup?

          1. DDiego @diego2022-06-20 17:11:41.540Z

            Sound over the HDMI link is theoretically possible, but it's not something we're likely to add in the short term. Also, unfortunately, the Voyager 2 hardware doesn't support audio capture.

            Let me know if you have any other questions and/or comments, and I'll be glad to answer them.