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TinyPilot w/ KVM Switch

By Samuel Sum @samsam
    2022-06-24 09:46:22.985Z2022-06-24 19:28:33.371Z

    I have tried to connect a cheap KVM switch (brand: PWAY) with hotkeys with TinyPilot together. The TinyPilot could not start up if the KVM Switch with HDMI signal (PC running). Then, unplug the KVM switch and it will boot up immediately. After the network light blinking, it is time to re-plug the HDMI from KVM switch to the TinyPilot. It is working perfectly with mouse and keyboard recognized. I have put the details in the GitHub's page ( under "Limited compatibility".

    Is it normal or just because the PWAY KVM switch?

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    1. Thanks for updating the wiki!

      It sounds like the PWAY KVM is backfeeding power through the HDMI port, which is preventing the TinyPilot from booting. You can try putting a powered HDMI splitter between the KVM and the TinyPilot, which might protect the TinyPilot from the PWAY backfeeding power.