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Windows 98??

By Dave @davecogswell
    2022-07-09 22:24:15.472Z

    I'm trying to setup TinyPilot on a Window 98 (no, that's not a typo!!) machine. I've got functional video and keyboard support working, but I cannot get the mouse to work.

    I suspect it may not like the mouse and the keyboard coming in on the same USB port, but that's just a guess.

    Any ideas on what to try next?

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-07-11 21:32:43.299Z

        Hello @davecogswell - Thank you for posting your question here in the Forum.

        I'm sorry you are having this issue. We have never tested a Windows 98 system as a target computer. The problem is likely the way you described it, though since TinyPilot presents itself as a hub (with a keyboard and mouse attached), I believe there shouldn't be any problems with Windows 98 recognizing a USB hub being plugged in. Still, I'm not sure we can make this work, Windows 98 is over 20 years old!

        • Can you try connecting the TinyPilot into another USB port?

        • In windows 98, Device Manager, do you see any unrecognized device?

        • Would you be able to upload full logs? This is how you would upload them: TinyPilot web interface > System > Logs > Get Shareable URL (copy the URL it will give you and paste it in your response).

        1. Diego @diego
            2022-07-12 23:38:50.843Z2022-07-13 12:18:22.460Z

            @davecogswell - I was looking in our internal documentation and I found that TinyPilot’s mouse is incompatible with Windows 98, so there’s no hope of fixing this. I'm sorry for the bad news.

            1. DDave @davecogswell
                2022-07-13 13:58:55.418Z

                No problem, Diego. What do I need to do to return the unit for a refund?

                1. Diego @diego
                    2022-07-13 21:52:18.003Z

                    Hello Dave. Please contact so we can reach out to a resolution for your inquiry.

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                In reply todavecogswell:
                  2022-08-01 01:12:46.568Z2022-08-01 21:43:58.515Z

                  Hi Diego and Dave. I discovered today that mouse movement in Windows 98 SE is indeed functional on the virtual desktop (albeit with some movement issues that I will raise on a new support ticket). However, both the keyboard and mouse were correctly identified as "USB Human Interface Device" at start-up and required drivers from the original Windows 98 SE installation CD before becoming usable. I had PS/2 devices plugged in locally to facilitate this install. I nearly decided not to purchase the Tiny Pilot as a result of this ticket as I have a use case for Windows 98/Me. I am now satisfied that the devices are correctly discovered and updates to the Tiny Pilot software could solve the movement issues in the future. I'm hoping other potential customers are not dissuaded from considering this product due to information in this ticket. It's a really great product! :)

                  1. Diego @diego
                      2022-08-02 20:21:05.443Z

                      @astigmatism - Thank you for your update, very helpful. Also, thank you for your kind words about TinyPilot!

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                      In reply todavecogswell:
                      Dave @davecogswell
                        2022-08-01 01:46:16.949Z

                        Unfortunately, I was using Windows 98 First Edition, which has several notable differences from W98 SE. I was not able to get it to work. I think Win98 SE would have been much more likely to succeed, but it was not an option for me.

                        1. A@astigmatism
                            2022-08-01 02:02:58.291Z

                            I thought that might be the case Dave. Win98SE did introduce better support for generic USB devices so that makes sense. Good luck in the future :)