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Can we use Tiny Pilot for IPAD Remote Control ?

By Vipul Patel @PresidentPatel
    2022-07-12 12:44:39.181Z

    If i connect my Ipad with USB C Hub with HDMI, Keyboard & Mouse Output and connect same to Tiny Pilot it will work ? My main purpose is to remote control and monitor of IPAD Installed at remote location.

    Thankx in advance ..


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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-07-13 01:20:23.152Z

        Hi @PresidentPatel - Thank you for posting your question here in our Forum.

        • Do you mean accessing TinyPilot web dashboard from your iPad? Or do you mean using TinyPilot to control the iPad?
        1. PVipul Patel @PresidentPatel
            2022-07-13 04:28:29.796Z2022-07-13 04:38:45.686Z

            We need TinyPilot to Control IPAD Remotely. (here is the diagram)

            1. This is an interesting scenario. We haven't tested that, but I'll shoot you an email about how we can arrange a test for you.

            2. In reply todiego:
              BB @Badarkace
                2023-01-26 02:16:07.515Z

                Curious if you got this working or not?

                1. Hi @Badarkace, thanks for reaching out with your question!

                  I've checked and it seems that this wasn't tested at the time. We're not aware of anyone using TinyPilot with an iPad so we can't say for certain but as long as the iPad supports HDMI output, USB-C hubs, external keyboards and external mice then in theory it should work.

                  1. BB @Badarkace
                      2023-02-02 03:24:33.437Z2023-02-02 04:13:23.436Z

                      so i rigged up a test using this:


                      the image does appear momentarily on the tiny pilot interface but then quickly goes blank and flashes

                      keyboard inputs do appear to transmit but mouse clicks do not

                      i tested mouse clicks with a wired mouse plugged into the dock and it did work no problem on the ipad

                      EDIT: I figured out a work around for the mouse clicks and can get by just using the keyboard so just need image and ill be up and running!

                      any ideas on what i could try to get image it flashes in and out?

                      1. Thanks for sharing your progress so far. It looks like the iPad might be switching to an incompatible resolution. Can you please connect the iPad, wait until the image disappears and then share a link to your debug logs? You can do this by going to System, then Logs and then clicking on Get Sharable URL.

                        1. BB @Badarkace
                            2023-02-02 16:17:42.331Z
                            1. Thanks for the quick response. The logs indicate that the iPad and/or the adapter are trying to request a resolution of 640x480. This isn’t a resolution that the iPad would normally use so it’s possible this is an issue with the adapter. Could you please try confirming that the iPad displays correctly when connected to a monitor using the same adapter?