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tinyPilot - No longer responding after reboot - HTTPS connection timeout

By Alessandro @tironeas
    2022-07-13 17:22:35.104Z

    After a reboot the tinypilot will not come back online - its seem that the Flash memory is corrupted. The device responds to pings but no services seem to be running

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-07-13 21:46:44.607Z

        Hi @tironeas - Thank you for posting your question in our Forum.

        I'm sorry you are having this issue. It sounds like the microSD card got corrupted somehow. You can try to perform a factory reset in order to fix it. If you don't have a microSD reader, we can ship you a microSD card with TinyPilot installed.

        1. TAlessandro @tironeas
            2022-07-14 13:00:03.492Z

            Hi @diego Thank you if you can please send me a new microSD card

            1. In reply totironeas:
              Diego @diego
                2022-07-14 23:18:40.507Z

                Hey @tironeas - OK, no problem. Someone from will get in touch with you shortly, to make the arrangements. NOTE: I deleted your post with your address, that doesn't need to be public, I hope you don't mind.