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TinyPilot Display is Broken

    2022-07-14 05:59:45.101Z

    Hi I recently setup the Tiny Pilot Voyage 2 into my target Computer, however I could not get a proper image shown in the tinypilot website. I had restarted the TP, changed a new HDMI but the problem still persists. Please give me some solutions on this =)
    Thank you very much.

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-07-14 23:28:56.540Z

        Hello @YWC - Thank you for posting your question in our Forum. I'm sorry you are having this issue.

        • Are you using the VGA to HDMI adapter that we sell, or is this a straight HDMI connection?

        • If I understood you correctly, you tried with another HDMI cable, and you observe same behavior. Would that be correct? I'm asking because most of the times, this kind of issue can be resolved by using a different HDMI cable. If you have already tried this, would it be possible for you to try with yet another HDMI cable?

        • Is it possible for you to try connecting the TinyPilot to a different target computer?

        1. Y@YWC
            2022-07-15 02:49:57.390Z

            Hi @diego

            1. I used direct HDMI to HDMI
            2. I tried with the third HDMI Cable still the same outcome
            3. I tried connecting to another target computer and it showed the correct display, so how do I solve it ? Do I need to change my resolution on my target computer ?
            1. Diego @diego
                2022-07-15 22:42:36.484Z
                • Would it be possible for you to upload logs for me to review? Please connect the TinyPilot back to the inititial target computer (the one that doesn't work). This is how you would upload the logs: TinyPilot web interface > System > Logs > Get Shareable URL (copy the URL it will give you and paste it in your response).

                • You can try adjusting the resolution of the target computer that is not showing video correctly, although I'm not sure that will work, but it is worth trying. May I know brand, model and OS of that target computer?

                1. Y@YWC
                    2022-07-18 08:45:34.716Z

                    Dear Diego,

                    Thank you for your response.

                      Kindly find the URL logs

                    2. I have tried to change the resolution but it seems like not helping also. Attached file is my target CPU specification.

                    1. Diego @diego
                        2022-07-18 23:27:25.869Z

                        Hello @YWC,

                        • As per the logs you uploaded, I can see the following:

                        Jul 18 09:37:21 tinypilot ustreamer[561]: -- ERROR [22421.912 stream] -- Persistent device timeout (unplugged)

                        This usually indicates a problem with the HDMI cable. I know you have tried 3 cables so far, so it would be a bit unlikely in this case for the cable to be the culprit, also still possible (we have had other customer trying same amount of different HDMI cables, and the problem was still the cable). Also, the fact that the TinyPilot works fine in a different target computer kinds of rules out the cable, but I still believe that could be the case, given the message in the log, and the way the screen looks.

                        In order to explore other possibilities, and if you don't mind, I'd like to investigate further into the target computer's hardware/software:

                        • In the screenshot you posted, I can see "Windows Embedded Standard". What kind of device is the target computer? Is that a tablet? If so, what brand/model?

                        • Also it looks like it is running Windows 7, is that correct?

                        1. Y@YWC
                            2022-07-19 01:39:01.321Z

                            Dear Diego,

                            I will try to change another HDMI cable.
                            My target computer is a CPU not tablet, and this CPU is connected to the machine.

                            1. Diego @diego
                                2022-07-20 20:26:07.764Z

                                Hi @YWC - Let me know if you were able to try a different HDMI cable, and if so, what the results are.

                                1. Y@YWC
                                    2022-08-03 03:39:45.222Z

                                    Hi Diego, I have tried another HDMI cable, DVI-HDMI cable still unable to use it. Would you be able to advise what should I do ?

                                    1. Diego @diego
                                        2022-08-04 01:28:06.745Z

                                        Hi @YWC - I'm confused, what do you mean by "DVI-HDMI cable"? Are you using a DVI to HDMI adapter?

                        2. Y
                          In reply toYWC:
                            2022-09-02 03:06:59.566Z

                            hi @diego , I need help on my tinypilot, my tiny pilot is not working at all, as I tried to connect to the tinypilot webpage i cannot connect it to the device as it said windows can't find a device name tiny pilot. I have tried the factory reset by flashing the SD card and still unable to do so. Could you advise me what should I do? Previously i managed to connect to the webpage but just could not see the display image, but right now is not able to connect at all.

                            1. Y
                              In reply toYWC:
                                2022-09-02 03:18:33.071Z
                                1. Diego @diego
                                    2022-09-02 22:50:46.696Z2022-09-06 13:25:18.570Z

                                    Hello @YWC - I'm sorry you're having this issue. See below some troubleshooting steps. Let me know if you're still unable to connect after checking them.

                                    • Are both machines (the Windows laptop and the TinyPilot) connected to the same network (i.e. same router)?

                                    • Have you verified the ethernet cable going into the TinyPilot? If that one is disconnected, then that's the reason you're seeing that error from the Windows laptop.

                                    • Is there a way for you to login into the router and see if the TinyPilot is getting an IP address assigned through DHCP?

                                    • Are you able to connect to the TinyPIlot using straight IP address instead of hostname (https://tinypilot)?

                                    1. Y@YWC
                                        2022-09-05 03:50:03.692Z

                                        Dear Diego,

                                        1. it is the same network, tiny pilot is ethernet and my laptop is wifi, both from the same router.
                                        2. I have checked through all the cables are connected properly.
                                        3. I cannot login to the router and check the IP address
                                        4. How to connect to the tinypilot using straight IP address?

                                        Thank you for your kind assistance.

                                        1. Diego @diego
                                            2022-09-06 13:20:39.823Z

                                            @YWC: if all the cables are ok, I would try to reboot the router, although I'm not 100% sure that will solve your problem. If you can not login to the router (where you would usually be able to get the IP address that was assigned via DHCP), then connecting via straight IP is a bit more difficult. You need to find the IP address the TinyPilot has. If you are on Windows, try Windows+R then type cmd, then ENTER. At the command prompt, type ipconfig /all and check the IP address of your Windows laptop; WIFI interface.

                                            I had to this once with my TinyPilot. For example, in my case There are plenty of devices on my network but not that many, so I figured my router assigns IP addresses somewhere around Then on the command prompt I ran ping, then .41, then .42 etc until .47 replied the ping; Then I used in my browser (Chrome) and I was able to connect. You may get replies from other devices as well, so be careful. It is a bit of work, I know, sorry about that. Let me know if I was unable to explain myself in this paragraph.

                                            Oh! And one other thing you may try is to turn off the WIFI interface on your laptop, and connect it to your router using an ethernet cable. In my case, my router would assign different IP addresses and on different network blocks, if I was connecting via WIFI versus ethernet. That created quite a confusion until I figured it out.

                                            Have you checked the LEDs on your TinyPilot? Not the network LEDs, the system LEDs on the other side of the TinyPilot, below the DATA and POWER cables. If you could please unplug the power adapter, and reconnect it again, while looking at the LEDs, that would be awesome. Let me know how they behaved, and if you get a solid red LED once the TinyPilot boots. I'm trying to confirm you are not having issues because of defective hardware. You did run a factory reset already, correct?