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server not starting up

By @remote2021-03-24 16:21:13.968Z

I just got the tiny pilot and followed the instructions. When I go to https://tinypilot/ I get a server not found error

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-03-24 16:24:55.152Z

    Thanks for reporting this! Sorry for the trouble.

    The first boot takes about 5 minutes. If it's still not booting after that, it might be a corrupted microSD. If you email me your order number, I can send you an image to reflash.

    1. R@remote2021-03-26 18:57:08.635Z

      I have reflashed it and I am still unable to connect to the server. How can I tell if its even running? I keep getting an error "tinypilot refused. to connect"

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-03-29 19:46:47.328Z

        Hmm, if it's not an image issue, it might be a networking issue. If you check the DHCP leases on your router, do you see "tinypilot" in the list of local hosts? Can you reach other hosts on your network by hostname?

        When the TinyPilot is first powered on, do you see it flashing green and red activity lights? Do you see green and amber lights on the network port?